Monday, April 7, 2008

Great Moments In McCain-Is-Insane History: Bomb Bomb Iran


Anonymous said...

hey barkeep, was this you on the Onion AV Club posting as "John McCain, sitting back and enjoying an ice-cold prune juice"?:
"I believe that now is the time to bring the people of our great nation together, to be done with all this partisanship and so on. So instead of saying that someone who is against bombing the crap out of foreign countries and giving away billions of dollars in tax breaks to oil companies is a limp-wristed, kumbaya hummin' dope-smokin' hippie or isn't as patirotic as the rest of us normal Americans, let's just say that liberals are just different than you and me and we'll leave it at that. Let them play in their own corner of the sandbox, is all I'm saying.

It reminds me of an episode of Matlock that I was watching the other day, when some kid who was accused of killing some old lady for about sixteen dollars in her purse and everybody in the whole town square was ready to lynch this kid off the highest radio tower. And only Matlock believed the kid was innocent, so he defended him. And sure enough, the kid didn't kill the old lady, it was somebody else. So to call that kid, who probably was a liberal, to call him a cold-blooded murdering punk, well, that would be wrong. Because he wasn't a murderer. He was still a punk, though. What I like about Matlock is that just when you think for once he's gonna be wrong about something, he's gonna lose the case, he just pulls one out. With that little twinkle in his eye, just like he was still Sheriff in that little town. Like, when he was done freeing innocent liberal punks from going to jail, you just knew he was gonna get out his pole and a cup of nightcrawlers and go down to the fishing hole. Nothing wrong with that.

I am so hopping mad right now. I paid two dollars sixty five cents for this jar of mayonaisse down at the Shop Rite and Cindy won't let me eat it because she said it's turned already. I just bought the confounded thing last week. I can't eat my afternoon sandwich without mayonaisse. At least I didn't spend three dollars and forty cents, which is what I would have spent at Shop Rite, if I didn't have that coupon. But that's not the point.

What was the point again? Patriotism? Oh, yeah. I was a Prisoner of War.

Anybody seen the remote? Wheel of Fortune is on!"

It's in the comments section.

How Insane Is John McCain? said...


Nope, if I wasn't shamelessely plugging this blog it wasn't me.

Anonymous said...

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