Thursday, March 27, 2008

McCain On Whether Condoms Help Prevent AIDS: "You've Stumped Me"


That's what he said.


Green Cosmic Rabbit said...

I was thinking of doing an article on this one...did you see the whole article on it? What an ultra maroon.

Kathy said...

So the straight talker was tongue-tied, eh? You gotta hand it to the Republicans, they always back the underachievers.

(Great blog. I'm linking to you.)

Anonymous said...

The supposed insanity of John McCain has nothing on the very real daily insanity of the Democratic party. Currently, the Dems have disenfranchised over three million voters in two states and are demanding that one of their candidates drop out before a major Primary to "unite the party" (read: so more people will be disenfranchised from having their voices heard.)

How insane are the Dems? Read on:

Pulled from the forum today:

>>Dear Senator Leahy: Nice move today on demanding that Senator Clinton drop out of the race. If you are under the impression that her leaving will bring the party together, please allow me, sir, to enlighten you. Here's an email I sent to Howard Dean and also posted on many blogs:

"Dear Howard Dean and Democrats: Today you sent me a request for money. Well, how can you send an invisible person a request for money? I live in Florida and my Primary vote for Hillary Clinton was not counted. Therefore, since my vote wasn't counted, y'all don't need my money. Go Ask Obamba supporters for $$$$, since that's who you are backing, anyway. I will give my money to Hillary Clinton. And by the way, don't come sucking up for my vote in November. I'm supporting McCain.

Here's my email to Senator Clinton:

Dear Senator Clinton: You are the bravest and toughest woman and DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE out there. I have such respect for you. Please do not ask me to support Senator Obama to "bring the party together". I live in Florida. The party can Kiss My Former Democratic AS* in November.

If my vote and the vote of my husband in the Florida Primary (we voted for YOU) is not counted, it is HYPOCRITICAL for the Democrats to suck up to us to elect another candidate in November. We see the writing on the wall. It is so patheticly obvious that the party big wigs are supporting Senator Obama behind the scenes. And they don't give A DAMN about Florida and Michigan's disenfranchiesd voters now, but they will all be sucking up BIG TIME in September to get their ordained candidate elected. I say: "IF YOU DON'T WANT MY VOTE NOW, YOU DON'T NEED MY VOTE IN NOVEMBER!" I will always respect your brave character and strength during this campaign. Please do not ask me to come together for the "good of the party". We have been doing that for years, and the party has made its choice of who it believes to be the voters that count and who it wants its voice to be. And it's not my husband or me! I posted the following on your blog, and I mean every word of it:

Dear Senator Clinton and Fellow Senator Clinton Supporters:

I am putting Howard Dean and our fellow Democrats on notice because apparently, he's put us on notice. He's warning us not to "tear the party apart". Newsflash, Senator Dean: The party as you know it no longer exists. It stopped existing in the old way the day the Florida and Michigan delegates were NOT counted.

Also, I am putting my fellow Dems on notice: If the Florida delegates are not counted and Senator Obama is the nominee, my husband and I are LEAVING the PARTY. PLEASE DO NOT COME LOOKING FOR OUR VOTES! IF OUR VOTES DO NOT COUNT NOW, THE PARTY DOES NOT NEED THEM--OR US--IN NOVEMBER!

I disagree with John McCain on many issues. But I TRUST and RESPECT him and his service to our country. So get ready, Senator McCain--there may be two former Dems coming your way!

I have NEVER been so disgusted with our party in my life. Hillary Clinton has been thrown to the dogs in this campaign by the media and by her colleagues. Is this the thanks you get for serving your country so long and hard? Apparently it is. HILLARY FOREVER! NEVER SURRENDER!

Well, kids. It's time to put up or shut up. I get tired of hearing how we (Hil supporters) are tearing the party apart. It ain't me, babe. My vote wasn't counted to begin with. Hillary Forever! Count the Florida Delegates! Seat the Florida Delegates Already! Seat them now!! NOW!

Doesn't anybody in this party GET IT? Do they actually think we are going just roll over and say "Skruw me harder" and vote for Obama in November? Do they actually think we're going to "forgive and forget" how totally we were done to/done over/done out in January? That's why everybody in this bloody party is in such a bleeding hurry to kick Senator Clinton out of the race. Her mere presence reminds them of how they disenfranchised the voices and votes of over 3 million people. So, since I don't count NOW, I won't count in November. Have a nice day."

I appreciate your sealing my decision to leave the Democrat party. Good Luck in this election.>>

Believe me, next to the double-crossing Democrats, Senator McCain is as sane as Jesus.

How Insane Is John McCain? said...

Welcome, crazy Republican. I hope you stay awhile. You guys are part of the comedy!

Anonymous said...

you wanna know what's comedic?

being a democrat, saying you support everyone's views and want the voices of people heard, and then completely forgetting 2 whole states.

Now THAT is comedic...

How Insane Is John McCain? said...


Thank you for weighing in!

I think it's more comedic that you thought I'd be insulted by your comment.

Anonymous said...

i really wasn't hoping you're insulted, to be honest, i was going more for "embarrassed"...

but by the way, i completely forgot to include this as a PS on teh last post - i LOVE the blog - it's REALLY funny, and not in an "i spy hypocrisy" way, you've done a good job, and keep up the good work....

How Insane Is John McCain? said...

Thanks, anon. I was kind of hoping you'd be more insane than you are (darn! You're too sane!), but friendly posts are appreciated too.

Anonymous said...

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John McCain doesn't know what his position on insurance funding of contraception is.